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We have a WINNER!

Read all about it!

Jin Wang of the Witten Group...

...has won our contest to name the new JFI/MRSEC computational server!

!!! > SUPERABACUS < !!!

With more and more people pouring into GCIS as the old RI building finally closes down for good, space is becoming scarce enough that we can no longer afford to have public walkup computers. And in truth, these were never adequate for the purpose of computational computing. Many of our research groups have long had compute servers and Beowulf clusters of their own to do simulation on, and now JFI/MRSEC has a resource that will provide such a platform for the Institute in general. This machine will also provide a general purpose, shared community UNIX shell environment similar in nature to what was once provided on harper.uchicago.edu.

With this, those who currently use joule for that purpose or once did, may now find such a service on the new machine.

There were about 10 entries. The six that met the technical requirements of length, etc., were submitted to a panel of six experimentalists and theorists, physicists and chemists, students, faculty and postdocs. Two names were tied for first place. Brent was given the tie-breaking vote.

Jin Wang has chosen the name superabacus.

Anyone who has a JFI account may login and use it. If you don't have a JFI account, see this FAQ about getting one.

New 48-core Server


Please see these instructions for an overview about using SGE. Trying to run jobs on the system without familiarizing yourself with SGE may result in your jobs getting killed. YOU NEED TO READ ABOUT SGE IF YOU WANT TO RUN JOBS.

Good luck!