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We are Brent Busby and Tom Indelli, the UNIX Systems Administrators for the James Franck Institute and MRSEC. (For more information about who we are, see our bio/history page.)

We are currently located in the basement of Hinds Hall, at 5734 South Ellis Avenue. If you know where the Bookstore is, go there, and then walk just a little bit to the north and you'll find us.

We are located in rooms HGS-033 and HGS-033A. As you may already be aware, the old RI building where we and MRSEC used to reside has been demolished and replaced with the Eckhardt we're not in there anymore.

Either of us are available at the same email address, which goes to both our mailboxes. Email us at:

(The old "manager@jfi" address still works also.)

The reason we prefer that first contacts with us about a new problem be sent to us via email is so that your email can be kept as a record of your problem. Without this record, we may forget about something we have been working on, so it does help us to keep currently pending assignments straight. So if it's a new problem that you're alerting us to -- as opposed to talking to us about an issue you already had open -- please write us an email about it first if you can.

Or you can reach us by phone at the numbers listed below.

Brent Busby (773) 702-0091
Tom Indelli (773) 702-2588

We're also happy to come out to your desk or lab and take a look at your problem, or meet with you about your IT needs. Just get in touch with us and let us know. We are typically in the office from around 10am to 5:30pm weekdays, but we will respond to server and cluster emergencies at any time, day or night, including weekends and holidays. We also often respond to emails and requests for assistance off-hours, since we are usually always checking our email and system logs remotely even when we are home or out of town. Most problems can be resolved by us over a remote Internet connection, so in these cases, it will usually be possible for us to solve issues immediately, even off-hours.