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The new PSD server room,
the sub-basement of
Hinds Hall:

This is the place where the JFI/MRSEC servers have now been relocated to, which is a shared space we now cohabit with other departmental IT groups in the division, including Geo-Physical Sciences, Chemistry, ASCI Flash, Computational Institute, and Mathematics.

For JFI, the move was imperative, since the air conditioning system in the old server room it replaces in RI-147 of the Research Institutes building was approximately thirty years old, and expected to fail at some point in the near future. Some of the other departments were facing similar dilemmas in their aging server rooms.

Hinds Server Room

KVM console for the
JFI departmental server rack:

This console is typically only used if something is wrong. Most maintenance of the JFI servers happens over remote connection from our offices.

JFI Servers
Hinds right aisle