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for Physics and Chemistry Research, and for
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  • Web space
  • Email
  • Home directories
  • UNIX support
  • Research clusters
  • Backup and Restore
  • Desktops/workstations
  • Host and Network Security
  • Managed Printing
  • Mathematical/Simulation Applications

We are the support staff which provides computing services for all machines running on the UNIX platform (Linux, BSD, Solaris, IRIX, etc.) in the labs and offices of the James Franck Institute, and MRSEC.

JFI core servers

Historic picture of the JFI department servers in their racks at the old now-decommissioned RI147 server room, in the former Research Institutes building.

See the Datacenter section for pictures of our new datacenter facility at Hinds Hall.

Who we are...

Information about the JFI UNIX systems administration staff.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Information about our network, servers, desktops, and services.

JFI Computing administers the Godzilla computational cluster for the Freed chemistry group. Godzilla is a 79-node Sun Grid Engine cluster.



We operate a computational cluster with strong parallelization facilities for the Rice Group and other permitted researchers.


The datacenter at Hinds Hall has replaced the old server room at the now-demolished Research Institutes building.

JFI Computing offers a backup service, primarily for research data, but we will backup any server or desktop (see details).


Contact information for help with computing problems, purchases, and upgrades.

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Recent news advisories about JFI UNIX upgrades, additions, maintenance downtime, and bugfixes.

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